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Oriplas osales 2017. – 24. Septembril IranPlast 29 üritusel

Aeg: 2018-08-15 Tabamused: 27

After VietnamPlas 13th September, 2017, on the 24th September, we attended IranPlast 2017 in Tehran international exhibition centre, located in the beautiful capital Tehran of Iran. This time we taken the latest researched machines at this exhibition, which attracted many visitors. After communicating with us, they had a basic understanding of our company, and we gave an admirably succinct account of the materials we used. The locals were very nice and friendly discussed the principle of operation of the equipment exhibited with us. They had a few queries about our machines and our professional answered them with patience.

There are at least 600 exhibitors attending the IranPlast 2017 exhibition, and the number of visitors exceeds 30,000. This exhibition attracts more than 4,000 suppliers or manufacturers responsible for raw materials of plastic and rubber chain, machines, moulds, and auxiliary equipment from Iran and other countries. This exhibition shows a wide range of exhibits, including plastic machine, rubber machine, mould, raw material, etc. With a unique advantage, Iran, as one of the Asian major economies, rapidly develops in oil industry, steel, and automobile manufacturing. This exhibition becomes a win-win trade platform of exchanging technologies and promoting the growth.